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At STAR Institute we understand that sensory processing differences are central to the autistic experience. All staff at STAR Institute are highly trained in Sensory Integration therapy, DIR/Floortime, and ASCERTS. We offer the following strengths-based and respectful services for individuals on the autism spectrum.

Occupational Therapy Services

  • Evaluation of sensory processing specific to early & middle childhood, adolescence & adulthood.
  • Age-appropriate intervention for sensory processing & integration through the lifespan.
  • Parent coaching & education because caregivers are the most important part of the child's team.
  • Adult & Adolescent specific services.
  • iLs listening therapy (Total Focus Systems).
  • Safe and Sound Protocol - an auditory intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity.

Speech and Language Services

  • Evaluation of speech and language development & auditory processing screening.
  • Treatment for articulation, expressive & social language challenges, apraxia of speech & more.
  • Development of social pragmatic skills.
  • Voice Pro auditory processing therapy via voice-ear feedback loop (iLS).

Group Services

  • Groups for all ages based around shared interests & focused on helping people enjoy people, building social confidence & developing sense-of-self.
  • Bike camps, trampoline group, interactive board game based and role-playing games groups, cooking group, School Readiness, CREW and more.

Feeding Services

  • Developmental- holistic- feeding evaluations through the life span.
  • Support for lactation & early feeding.
  • Feeding treatment through the life span & for the whole family.

Psychological Services

  • DIR/Floortime-based Play Therapy & Play Coaching.
  • Psychotherapy
  • Executive Function strategies, family work, and education.
  • Diagnostic child & adolescent Autism evaluations, including second opinion and re-diagnosis.
  • Adult specific Autism evaluations.