Mental Health Services / Counseling


For a FREE Intake Session with a STAR Institute Mental Health team member and/or to find out more information about treatment, please fill out one of the following intake forms Child Intake Form or Adult Intake Form, or call us at 303-221-7827.

For Family Counseling Services, contact us at

If you are having thoughts of injuring yourself please contact the Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255, available 24 hours a day.

An exceptional aspect of the treatment approach offered at STAR Institute is the use of a multidisciplinary team. Our highly trained Mental Health team specializes in the psychological impacts of Sensory Processing Disorder and sensory health for individuals and families. Support from the Mental Health team is included in all treatment programs at STAR to provide tailored services to each family.

Utilizing a DIR Floortime approach, the Mental Health team can offer parent-child relationship support, positive and emotional focused parenting strategies, and comprehensive family support plans. If additional coaching, counseling, or support is recommended by the treatment team or requested by families, ongoing counseling, and/or coaching can be easily added to most occupational therapy programs.

Common goals of the mental health team can also include:

  • Managing positive and negative behaviors in individuals with sensory challenges

  • Balancing positive interactions between children with sensory issues and their caregivers

  • Promoting well-being when “difficult” behaviors are exhibited

The Mental Health team additionally provides highly specialized Psychologists specializing in multi-disciplinary assessment of complex sensory, psychological, and educational disorders. For more information on our Multidisciplinary Evaluations please click here.

GET STARTED by contacting us at 303-221-7827 or complete one of the following intake forms Child Intake Form or Adult Intake Form.

Couple and Family Counseling

STAR Institute Treatment Center is pleased to recently have added family and couples therapy as an additional service to offer our community. At STAR, we provide a customized therapy plan designed to support each family, couple and individuals' unique situation in a effort to improve their functioning. Therapy can help improve your relationships, as well as manage stress, anxiety, depression, grief and trauma. Through family therapy, family members improve their understanding of how they impact, and are impacted by each others' behaviors, learn communication and coping skills, and create new ways of relating to one another and solving problems together.

To speak with our Family counselor and learn more, email Gina Crites at