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July Webinar

How to Hide Your Autism

Kieran Rose

Presented by Kieran Rose

Wednesday, July 15, 2020
12:00 PM-1:00 PM Mountain Time

‘How to Hide your Autism’ is the first of a two-part seminar aimed at practitioners, parents and Autistic people. In this session we will be exploring Autistic Masking (otherwise known as social camouflaging), examining the narrative around it and offering the opportunity to inform your practice.

Learning Objectives:
  • Define the “Mask” as it relates to Autistic people
  • Explain why the “Mask” exists and why it is specific to Autistic people
  • List the indicators of Autistic Masking
  • Describe the illusion of “choice”

This will be presented live via webinar on July 15, 2020 and a recording will be available for later access. When purchased, the link for webinar attendance will be given 24 hours before presentation.

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Please register to access the recorded version of the live webinar, even if you are not able to attend live. The final recording and handouts will be made available through STAR Institute's Online Learning site.


Part 2 Coming in August (Date and Time TBA):

‘Why Not to Hide Your Autism’ is the second part of a two part seminar aimed at practitioners, parents and Autistic people. In this session we will be exploring Autistic Burnout, a concept discussed frequently by the Autistic community and experienced by many Autistic people, but sadly lacking in research to evidence it. 

About the Presenter:

Kieran Rose is a British writer, Public Speaker and former educationalist whose blog,, has been read by over one million people. In the UK, Kieran delivers his own specialist Autism training, consults for multiple different organizations, is Founder and Chair of The Autistic Cooperative (an International network and lobbying group for Autistic Professionals), and is Managing Director of the Social enterprise Infinite Autism, which supports Autistic people and families through funding and partnership working. Kieran is also an executive board member of SLP Neurodiversity Collective, a US-based nonprofit organization of Neurodiverse positive SLTs and OTs. Kieran was diagnosed Autistic in 2003 and is married with three children, two of whom are diagnosed Autistic.

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