Online Feeding Groups

For more information about setting up a Feeding Consultation, a Feeding Evaluation, or about Feeding Groups, please contact Rachel Balderrama at

Let’s Talk about FOOD!

We know during times of change and stress (Ahem…COVID 19), feeding can be even trickier due to anxiety and routine disruption.

Don’t worry – we are here to support you! We are offering:

  • FREE resources and support
  • FREE one hour intake call to discuss your kiddo and how we can best support you. Please complete the following intake form.  
  • Feeding Consultations via phone or Zoom - Sessions can be scheduled for either 30 or 60 minutes. We are currently offering reduced prices of $75 for 30 minute sessions and $150 for 60 minute sessions.
  • Online Mini Feeding Evaluations – to assess for oral motor skill and provide supports (Colorado residents only)
  • Online feeding groups for kids ages 4 – 17

Some things to keep in mind:
• These sessions are intended to be educational, and are not to take the place of feeding therapy. Due to that, these sessions are not billable by insurance or considered to be therapy.
• If you have concerns that your child’s health is at risk, please contact your local medical provider.

Online Feeding Groups

Online with a Certified SOS-trained STAR feeding therapist.

We are excited to announce we are now offering daily web-based feeding programs, such as food play fun for kids ages 4 – 6 years (play-based feeding activities), exploratory food experiments for kids ages 7 – 11, and cooking club/cooking showdown groups for preteens and teens. Groups will run once weekly (cooking clubs) and twice weekly (play-based and experiment-based groups). You can sign up for 4 – 8 weeks at a time.

  • Twice weekly food play groups for kids ages 4 – 6
  • Twice weekly food experiment groups for kids ages 7 - 11
  • Weekly cooking club groups for pre-teens & teens

For more information and to register now, email: Rachel Balderrama at