Organize Your Own Awareness Event

STAR Institute invites you to organize, support or attend a Sensation Celebration event to raise awareness of sensory challenges and funds in support of SPD research, education and advocacy. Contact for details or to volunteer.

We are utilizing an online resource for Colorado-based non-profits like ours whose mission is to "improve quality of life by increasing community generosity and involvement." makes it very easy to collect donations for fundraising by allowing you to create your own customized, online fundraising page no matter where you live. You can find instructions for creating your own fundraising campaign on and more details and tools below.

Organizers can plan a walk-a-thon, fun-run, community walk or any type of fundraising/awareness event they choose. Or, if you just don't have the time to organize a community event, then just set up your own personal fundraising page, gather pledges and go take a walk yourself, maybe inviting your family and friends to join you! All you need are your walking shoes and a desire to see research for Sensory Processing Disorder continue.

Organizers are encouraged to schedule their Sensation Celebration events during National Sensory Awareness month in October, but are free to hold their events any time if a different month is more suitable in their area.

Ready to join the Sensation Celebration team? The following materials are provided to help you organize a successful Sensation Celebration event.

Sensation Celebration: Organizer Information

Advance-work tools

Event-day tools