Sensory Processing Disorder Proficiency Certification 2 (SPD ProCert 2)

STAR Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder and Temple University have collaborated to provide a route to advanced proficiency credentials in Sensory Processing for Occupational Therapists. 


  • Utilization of clinical reasoning to develop intervention and adaptations for SPD based on the STAR PROCESS
  • Clear carryover of Level 1 competencies: differential diagnosis, knowledge of basic principles of the STAR Approach, ability to use professional reasoning to formulate a clear and concise treatment plan
  • Ability to verbalize the benefits of play- and relationship-based intervention
  • Demonstration of ability to attune to a child and follow their lead, while also directing treatment to support arousal regulation and engagement 
  • Ability to use sensory integration techniques to support the optimal level of arousal and engagement
  • Development of A SECRET, using a strengths-based approach, to support caregiver problem-solving and transfer of knowledge from clinic to home
  • Demonstrate self-reflective capacities and ability to reason in the moment (reflection-in-action) and following sessions (reflection-on-action) to adapt treatment and therapeutic use of self as an essential component of promoting engagement, arousal regulation, and participation in the just-right success


Participants must be SPD ProCert 1 credentialed professionals that complete both Temple University's Sensory Processing Disorder Level II online course and STAR Institute's Level 2 Intensive Mentorship program within 3 years to earn the SPD ProCert 2 credential.

Temple University Sensory Processing Level 2

Temple University Sensory Processing Disorder Level 1 Online Course


Temple University's Sensory Processing
Disorder Level 2 is conducted online
over 8 weeks. Participants will learn
advanced clinical reasoning skills in the
STAR PROCESS Model in preparation
for intensive mentoring at STAR Institute.

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At STAR Institute's Level 2 Intensive
Mentorship, participants will work directly
with a STAR Institute client with
supervision and guidance from STAR
faculty to refine their clinical reasoning
skills and engage in a reflective learning

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Benefits of the SPD ProCert 2 Credential 

  • Gain recognition as a specially trained, advanced SPD clinician by the world's premiere Sensory Processing research, treatment, and education center.
  • Advertise your training in SPD with an SPD ProCert 2 badge to put on your website.
  • Get listed as an advanced credentialed SPD professional in STAR Institute's treatment directory.