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We are delighted to let you know we'll be continuing our online programs throughout the summer. Offering your child daily activities that focus on movement, language development, sensory and social skills for ages 4-17.

Summer sessions in 2 week blocks available: running daily Monday-Thursday - last session is July 13-July 23. Registration is for the complete 2-week session. Our 30-minute groups (Language Leaps, Language Launch, Radiant Writers & Energy Explorers) can be booked in two day or four day blocks.

Funding available for families from Developmental Pathways and Rocky Mountain Human Services.

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30-Minute Sessions

Language Leaps - for verbal children ages 4-6 focused on language stimulation and expansion. All activities are facilitated by a speech pathologist. Each session will include vocabulary building, following directions, and an early phonics task. 

  • $60/4 sessions
  • $100/8 sessions - combined with Radiant Writers

Language Launch - for verbal children ages 7-9 focused on language stimulation and expansion. All activities are facilitated by a speech pathologist. Each session will include vocabulary building, answering questions, following directions, and auditory memory activities.

  • $60/4 sessions
  • $100/8 sessions - combined with Energy Explorers

Energy Explorers - A self regulation group, we will identify individual signs of dysregulation and practice mindful strategies in a group setting. and practice mindful regulation strategies for your every day, run by an OTR/L. Ages 7-9

  • $60/4 sessions
  • $100/8 sessions - combined with Language Launch

Radiant Writers - A multi-sensory approach to handwriting using Connect Experience Write Program. Through the use of music and movement- support foundational handwriting skills in a way that is FUN! Ages 4-6

  • $60/4 sessions
  • $100/8 sessions - combined with Language Leaps

45-Minute Sessions

YogaVentures & Spanish YogaVentures - whole body movement with an animal adventure theme. Work on regulation, stability, mobility, and that dynamic core.  Ages 3-7 years old

  • $240/4 sessions

Rebounders - 4-10 years, for any child with access to a trampoline at home. This group has the feel of a dance or exercise class, but with rebounders! Work on modulation, core stability, breathing, bilateral coordination, impulse control and more. Run by an OTR/L. Ages 6-10 years old

  • $480/8 sessions

Ignite - Ages 13-17, fun, whole body movement with some cardio, postural work and cool down, also works on rhythm, coordination and self-regulation. 

  • $160/4 sessions

STAR Online for 4-6 year olds - a fun virtual adventure where kids connect by traveling to different lands together in fantasy vehicles that they create themselves. Great for attention, impulse control, imagination, motor planning, and communication. Different themes each day

  • $480/8 sessions

STAR Online 4-6 for Bilingual families - Juegos divertidos, juego motor sensorial, hora de cuentos, y actividades de movimiento de todo el cuerpo con diferentes temas cada semana. Excelente para la atención, control de impulsos, imaginación, planificación motora y comunicación. 50 minutos

  • $480/8 sessions

STAR Online for 6-9 year olds - Fun games, sensory motor play, whole body movement activities with different themes each day. Great for attention, impulse control, imagination, motor planning and communication.

  • $480/8 sessions

Imagine Adventure - simplified role playing games, face to face over zoom, builds social connection, confidence, theory of mind and social competence. Ages 7-10 year olds

  • $480/8 sessions

90-Minute Sessions

Critical Core - combines modern developmental therapies with the mechanics of tabletop role-playing games to help kids connect with their parents, their friends, and the world around them, face to face over zoom. Ages 12-17 year olds (developmental level grade 7 and up), 90 minutes

  • $375/5 sessions (July 13-17, M-F)
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