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Director of Marketing
Amanda Kronberg

With over 10 years of marketing, messaging, rebranding, and educational sales experience Amanda joins the STAR Institute team with enthusiasm and the goal of informing the mainstream about Sensory Processing Disorder. Amanda began her career as a graphic designer, but quickly began gravitating towards learning everything she could about marketing. In 2005, she started a business inspired by her fascination with how to spark grass roots movements and quickly spread information on a global scale. She expanded her business into 7 european countries where she successfully trained speakers and personal development leaders on how to create engaging messaging and build sustainable businesses. In 2014, she jumped into her first non-profit position with Habitat for Humanity Denver and loved the sense of purpose that came with working in the non-profit world. Today, she enjoys watching the positive impact that STAR Institute's treatment, education, and research centers have on children and adults with Sensory Processing Disorder.